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Creation of Evolution

(This mini tut is based on the images I used in a thread I had going in the Renderosity Bryce forum at one stage.)

As with a lot of my images, they are built in two stages - the first stage being the construction of the environment and the second stage involving populating that environment. Evolution was no different.

1. Constructing the environment

The beginning - yeap it all started from the desire to do an image with a blue light (sad isn't it).

Basic construction - low to no detail - mainly just trying to get the feel for the image.

Add some basic modelling to help see how the major elements go together - also start looking for a point of view for the final image. The pixelation in the image is due to this being a preview.

More modelling - build the major background structures and add some foreground objects. This lets you see what will be visible in the final image and hence what you actually need to build later.

Add yet more background structure and add some fairly bland (quick to render) lighting so you can see what gets lit and what doesn't. Alter the point of view to see a bit more of the roof structure.

Add some basic textures to the background to see how the image starts to shape up.

Start building the foreground.

Invite Draculaz's Robbie into the scene to see if he likes it. This was mainly to see how his colouring would interact with the lighting and other background colours.

Remove the heavy polygon Robbie figures and replace them with low polygon (resource light) figures to help with scaling issues as the foreground detailing begins.

Refine textures and lighting to get afeel for the final look of the image.

Realise I hated one of the light tower placements.

Fill out the background some more.

2. Populating the scene.

Robbies with guns and code gremlins (176MB).

Helpful and cooperative Robbies (91MB).

Rochr's cargo ship. Unfortunately the Robbies found it too hard to sit on and it didn't quite fit into the image... so it didn't get used in the final image (150MB).

Intellectual Robbies (90MB).

Train Robies (337MB)... These Robbies need to go on a lo-poly diet.

Confused Robbie (130MB).

Robbies with the nekkid V3 (161MB)- the Robbies blamed the V3 for the weight gain. Also, the troll volunterred to make me a lo-poly Robbie... but things didn't work out so well.

Note that there were quite a few other figure groups that aren't shown above that were used in the image (Wyvern clouds, dragons, creepers...).

The final image was created by individually merging each of the smaller figure groups into the environment and rendering that part of the image on its own. Once all of the smaller parts were individually rendered, they were all merged into the final image in a paint program.

The end.

If you have any questions concerning this tutorial, feel free to send me an email at wastelandd@hotmail.com (make sure you spell that email address properly) and we'll see if we can find you an answer.